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Default Re: HOLDEN Forum - where?

Originally Posted by Dr Terry View Post
The Cruze is not a Daewoo, it is a Chev. Sure many were built in South Korea, but they were designed long after Daewoo disappeared.
If you believe that, then I have some shares in the Harbour Bridge I would like to sell you.

The Cruze is as Daewoo as it gets.

Daewoo never "disappeared." When Holden bought Daewoo, they first tried to continue selling them as "GM Daewoo." When that didn't work, they simply rebranded all the Models as "Chevrolet. Not only did they keep flogging the same models, but new models simply rolled out of the Daewoo factories with Chev badges.

The Cruze started life as the new Daewoo Lacetti, and was in fact designed by GM Daewoo in Korea. All of the first Cruzes, including the Holdens, were built by Daewoo in Korea.
If you have a JG series, from 2009~11, have a guess where that was built.

Interestingly, I do believe that Holden had a hand in developing the Hatchback, as it was initially only a sedan.

But even the Australian versions were POS, with Holden forced to recall the first 10,000.
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