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Default Re: Limited Transmission Function Message

Thanks for the replies. Sorry, I actually meant to say that I had posted in another thread but I thought it was the wrong one so reposted here with the updates. At the moment I can't risk driving it. If it was to stick itself in reverse at speed it could be disastrous! I just went out and started it and initially it seemed fine again but the transmission limited function message soon came on. I did try changing through the gears and interestingly, when I went to sports mode and tried to change down to first the display showed seven!! When I put it into reverse the rear detection sensor started beeping and wouldn't go off, even in drive, until I put it back to park. I am going to contact a transmission specialist tomorrow but I suspect that a second hand transmission is the only way to go and even then I won't get out of it for under 5 or 6 grand I reckon. In the meantime I bought a 2011 Camry for $5k. At least I know they are reliable. If I can get the Mondeo repaired I'll sell it. Sigh. Never again will I buy a car with a DSG gearbox. BTW, the local Ford dealer have me the codes. Also, the car is definitely not drivable as I can only get 2nd, 4th and 6th and as I said, the fact that at one stage it kept putting itself in reverse immediately upon starting has made me very gun shy!

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