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Default Re: Wanted EF or XH front bumper and reo Perth

Unfortunately I have to have the bumper for our guy who reconditions our bumpers by Monday morning.

I have found 1 second hand bumper cover little rough but the guy wants $500 (he's dreaming), also found a whole car for $350 (no motor), so im thinking about picking up the car at least ill get the reo too, its a couple of hours round trip, so not too bad.

I can find heaps of non gen covers online @ $150, but none at our suppliers in Perth

I will give it to tonight and see what pops up, otherwise I will just grab the car by the looks of it.

Worse case scenario I have to have the bumper we have reconditioned, it has a heap of splits in it and is pretty rough, but our guy is pretty good at fixing this stuff, we were just trying to save him some time.

We thought the car was going to be written off, its just a rough old XH ute, but its over insured so we have to repair it
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