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Default Re: HOLDEN Forum - where?

Originally Posted by Dr Terry View Post
Not so!!

The Daewoo Lacetti (J200) was a Daewoo design built between 2002 & 2008. We got it here in Australia as the Holden Viva. It was a smaller car than the Cruze.

The Cruze which was coded J300 by GM-Korea was a GM Platform called the Delta II. It ran from 2008 to around 2017 in most markets. It was badged as the Chevrolet Cruze in most world markets (including the UK & Europe), but called the Holden Cruze in Australia.

The car seen on Top Gear was the J200 Lacetti, not the larger, newer Cruze model. The old Lacetti was a Daewoo.

In South Korea where the Daewoo named still had a strong following, GM called the Cruze a Daewoo Lacetti for its first few years, up until 2011 when the Daewoo brand ceased worldwide. They then used the Chev Cruze name.

Dr Terry
yes top gear used the first Gen Model.
the 2nd gen Daewoo Lacetti Premiere/ Cruze till 2011 when they changed the name on the Korean Building to GM..
so 2011 onward no longer has the Daewoo badge - but its still produced in the same place..
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