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Default Re: HOLDEN Forum - where?

When the VE Commodore first came out I thought that many of the interior parts must of been made by Daewoo, what a sh1t box interior that was crappy plastic and that ugly rubber on the dash and tops of the doors, yuck !
But Holden improved it as time went on and got it right with the VF.

One hears all the time about just how good the new cars are nowadays, well yes I agree, they perform well as to years gone by and I don't see rust being an issue nowadays.

My brother bought a China built Great Wall diesel 4x4 when they first came out, I drove it and yes I liked it but for taking off turbo lag was rubbish but had all the power you need in a 4x4 and did everything real well not to mention they were top spec and that cost much more in the same body Holden, but it did have some problems like the clutch dust getting into the starter motor and turbo clamp popping off and some other stupid things and warranty was shocking totally worthless and he got nothing for it when selling it.
But many people thought it just was like the petrol ugly frog looking one before it but they were gutless petrol chewing rubbish.

I suppose it's much the same with all the new 3rd world made cars nowadays, they are not like the Jap made cars for quality reliability and that's why I bought a 100% Jap made car now, it's a 4cyl but just as quick as a XD 5.8L 4sp were and that will does me fine, I can cruse on 180km/h easy as pie and it loves it.
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