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Default Second round of NSDW

Hi all.

Another great event at my local track here in NZ - Meremere Dragway.

Night Speed Drag Wars round 2.

Huge turn out again with great racing and a lot of great people. I love these street events as you get all sorts of cars out. From a street legal 40PSI R32 GTR knocking on the door of 9's, to 17 year old kids in their first car doing 17 second passes and having a blast.

Best I managed was an 11.5 @ 121mph. Stoked with that even with a lazy launch only on the converter at 1-2psi.

Unfortunatly being a street event the track prep went away pretty quick and I couldn't back the 11.5 up. I was only able to do multiple 11.7's and eventually being knocked out in the 3rd round of actual racing in my class (C2 - turbo 2wd but no quicker than 11.0) by spinning bad off the line and also in 2nd gear and only managing a 12.2 losing to a quick FD RX7 who ran an 11.8 (he was running low 11's all night).

Worn M/T et street r
350rwkw on E85

Unfortunately I don't have any in car footage as my dash cam was playing up.

Tuned by Maxx Performance in Melbourne - she's a ripper of a street family car. I drive my daughter to daycare in it!

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