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Originally Posted by ghezzi View Post
Hope you have a good holiday, just had 3 weeks of myself.

Chasing a firm pedal with short travel on my 2012 FGII ute. Tradie EcoLPi tonner.
Stock steel 16" wheels, bilsteins and braided brake lines. At 270k due for my last machine of the original discs and a new set of stock pads.

Previous BA ute would consume a set of (front) DBA discs and 2 sets of Bendix Metal King pads every 50-60K, and I don't drive the FG any different. Don't know if there was a technical problem with the BA, but I'm keen to keep the stock disc/pad on the FG.

My problem is I hate the long spongy pedal of Aussie made cars, I want the feel of my Brembo equipped motorcycles. Short and firm, but with great feel. So would that require some change in the master cylinder piston size, the brake booster, or the pedal box?

The problem is we can't compare your bike brakes a to your car brakes as they are so different. If you go bigger in bore size on the master cylinder for a firmer pedal you will need more pedal force to pull you up plus $$$$$$$.
You can try different brake pads and fluid but i am sure it wont ever get as good in firmness as your bike sorry.
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