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Default Re: The Camping Thread

Originally Posted by Trevor 57 View Post
Love your style, you sound like you camp and travel like us, although we prefer to travel on our own - our days of other people dictating our holidays are well and truly over

The other pair are my folks, they're cool.
There's a bit of friction now and again, but 90% of the time it's smooth sailing.

I'm happy to be able help them along and get them out of the house, otherwise they'd be couch potatoes in their retirement.
There's no way they'd attempt it without us, Mum's over 70 and Dad's nudging 80.

In some areas such as national parks or where we simply can't leave the dogs alone too long in the van, it's good that we can share the dog sitting.

It works...

Having said that, I'm with you in that I wouldn't want to travel the way we do with other people, at least nothing longer than a week or 2.
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