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Default Re: Grey Nomads - grumpy pains in the ***

When my body and brain decided that I had worked for long enough, and it was time for the obligatory grey nomad caravan, missus and I went to the largest nearby caravan dealer.
She told the sales guy what she wanted, I told him what I wanted, and he took us to a van that filled the bill, very nice, about $55K thank you, and he asked what we were going to tow it with.
I pointed to my RWD Terri, and was promptly told that it would not do it. He then gave me a list of ‘must have’ accessories, (more money) and their weights, along with the anticipated personal gear weights. I had no idea.
Cost of a new 4WD ute + cost of van – trade-in of Terri = about $100 > $120K.
Well, that is a lot of nights in motels and resorts. No thank you to a vehicle that I would not enjoy, and an expensive front garden ornament.
I bought a cheapish, ‘disposable’ second hand Commodore ute (that has turned into a bit of a favourite ) so, with it, bus trips, air fares etc, we have spent about that amount of money in the past 10 years seeing a lot of outback and other places, to the point of now we are scratching to think of where else to go.
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