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Default Re: Streetfighter Oil Breathers

Originally Posted by PaulXR50 View Post
Can anyone tell me how many ks travelled before you would expect to see some oil in the oil breathers or the filter.

I disconnected / dismantled the driver's side yesterday and found nothing in there & the filter had no evidence of oil either.

Breathers were installed by mechanic & done correctly as there is no leaking etc.

(i read somewhere the driver's side seems to get more than the passenger side - may have even been in this thread).

It will vary from engine to engines.
Some will need constant servicing eg every 5-10k, some will require less frequent 10-20k.
You will need to initially monitor your own engine to give you an idea of servicing intervals.

I would always recommend to clean the filters when your car is serviced eg 7-10k.

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