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Default Re: Streetfighter Oil Breathers

Hi Dave,

Hoping this thread is a good place to ask. I purchased two oil breathers some years ago after the post on this thread stating all supplied breathers were mk2.. I did also ask on purchase and was told mk2 are supplied. After servicing the breathers today it appears that my LH side is a mk1 breather with the flat aluminium finish where as the drivers side is the black cone shaped finish.

On servicing the RH side was dry with minimal evidence of oil and although dry the foam material was perishable but had not broken up and went anywhere. The LH side was soaked in oil and unable to drain away due to being the old style.

My car does minimal kms hence so long for the service but I will be checking them more frequently from now on from what Iíve seen.

I would like to replace the LH side with a mk2 breather as it clearly does a better job of draining the oil and I was also assured mk2 on purchase, not sure why I got one of each.

If you could come up with a cost effective solution for me to get the breather spec I originally asked for it would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,
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