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Default (NSW) Fairlane

Dismantling Sales Form

State : NSW

Model : NU Fairlane

Year : 2001

Interior Parts : No

Exterior Parts / Panels : Most

Wheels : Yes

Engine : Yes

Transmission : Auto

Other Driveline Parts : Yes

Other relevant information. I brought this car for some of the interior parts, not all, so some things will still be available. Feel free to ask - I will update asap.

Exterior - I have no use for the fairlane body parts. If you need it, ask away.

Make me an offer, but going by ebay parts - some guestimates.
Headlights - $150 for both or $80 each
Tail lights - $150 for both or $80 each
Engine (VCT Tickford - 180xxx km) - $200
Wheels good condition decent tread (missing some centre caps) - $300
Grill - $70
Impco gas system - make an offer

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