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Default Re: BA-FG Monoblock 4 Pot Brake Upgrade

Originally Posted by Stazza_Brendan View Post
Im very interested in upgrading the brakes on my bf turbo ute. For the $1800 what do we get? Calipers, rotors, pads, caliper brackets and lines?

Also what are your rears going to be?
Hi Brendan,
The kit comes with the discs, calipers and caliper brackets. We are working on a braided brake line option for the kit. We used the standard brake line from the standard calipers but feel would get the best out of the new system with a better quality line. We will be offering a replacement disc for the rear and looking at options for a suitable caliper but feel most of the work done is at the front. It seems that at Winton and other tracks when the front brakes are strong the rears cope well. We have two options for the pad that come with the kit. One is a street pad with very low brake dust and our S1 pad for street and the track.
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