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Angry Limited Transmission Function Message

Reposting this from another forum.
Hi all, I have a sad tale that from what I read is not uncommon. Just after any advice I can get. My 2012 MC TDCI LX wagon gearbox just got the dreaded "limited transmission function" warning and I lost first, third, fifth and reverse. The local Ford dealership are wanting around $14k to replace the transmission. The car has done around 224k but other than the always a little rough gear changing from 1st to 2nd, it has been a fantastic car for the two years that we have had it. I had the transmission serviced twelve months ago but unsure of the prior service history at this point (I am endeavouring to find that out). Does anyone have any meaningful advice to give? At this stage I am just looking at wrecking it and buying another car. Such a f$&@ing waste!
BTW the Self Test codes that it throws up are: P0715, P0700 and P0797. Also, I have since had different things happen. At one stage the transmission came right after sitting for a few days before reverting within 10km. Then a few days later I went to start it and it went straight to reverse and stalled. Now it's back to the limited functionality. So it seems to me that the problem is electronic!
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