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Default Re: Smartphones to Replace Car Keys

The endgame is to be cashless, walletless and keyless and only need carry your smartphone as the only item you need to carry.

Cashless - No cash or cards as you use NFC on Tap and Pay smartphone

Medicare card govt cards - Digital copies now available on your phone.

Drivers licence - Digital licence already trialing parts of Sydney and will be rolled out soon.

Opal Card - can use smartphone NFC to pay

Keys - Cars and homes locks and any key locks will be NFC locks opened by your smartphone.

Once the digital drivers licence is rolled out then i dont need to carry anything besides my smartphone when i go out.

The smartphone is one if the most amazing inventions to the human race, everyone needs to carry one.

For a male just taking your smartphone in your pocket is would be awesome, instead of a thick wallet full of cards and many keys.

If you lose your phone you can trace it and wipe all content remotely and install in a new phone or keep a spare smartphone at home.
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