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Territory Turbo Turns Up the Fun Factor

June 2006

Territory Turbo and Territory Ghia Turbo will offer customers enhanced levels of performance and driving enjoyment, while maintaining the car-like ride and handling characteristics that are a hallmark of the Territory range.

"Although our customers told us they desired the power and torque benefits of Ford's renowned turbo engine, they did not want to lose any of the other qualities that come with driving a Territory," said Ford Australia Vice President of Product Development, Mr Trevor Worthington.

"The engineering team spent considerable time ensuring that the increased power and torque did not negatively affect the refinement or NVH levels of the vehicle.

"We also created a new Dynamic Stability Control calibration to cater for the variety of driving characteristics of a turbo Territory owner."

With 245kW of power and 480Nm of torque, the turbo engine delivers a marked increase in operational output, with 29% more power and 25% more torque than the recently introduced SY Territory range.

"This translates into a better off-the-line performance feel and increased drivability, particularly when towing, due to the significantly increased level of torque," said Mr Worthington.

Turbo boost is a relatively low 45kPa (6.5Psi), which develops a smooth and sophisticated delivery of power.

"The turbo engine generates power effortlessly, arriving in an even, polished manner across a long flat torque curve. It provides the driver with a refined luxury sports experience with the performance they desire."

The position of the turbo Territory signature, the all important intercooler and associated bonnet scoop, played a major strategic role in the realisation of the final output figures.

Locating the intercooler on top of the engine was a functional decision rather than an outcome based purely on aesthetic qualities.

"Extensive pre-production testing determined an engine mounted, rather than a front mounted, intercooler would enable superior cooling of the charge air for the turbo Territory," said Mr Worthington.

"Better control of the air temperature into the engine leads to improvements in performance and fuel economy, which is a respectable 14.2 l/100km."

An additional benefit of the top mounted intercooler is a reduction in the required amount of intercooler pipework. This in turn results in a reduction of the volume of air required to fill the induction system, leading to improved response to acceleration requests by the driver.

Vehicle dynamics
An innovative dynamics package for the turbo Territory range was developed in conjunction with the engine program.

The new package complements Territory's Acutrac Plus handling system, which consists of the Virtual Pivot Control Link front suspension, award-winning Control Blade IRS and DSC.

"Ford was the first local manufacturer to offer Dynamic Stability Control when we launched Territory in 2004, and we challenged ourselves to create a revised DSC system to integrate into the turbo Territory program to cater for all driving styles," said Mr Worthington.

"It is likely that Territory Turbo and Territory Ghia Turbo will attract customers with a range of driving requirements and styles from family people mover through to recreational towing vehicle and, of course, the enthusiastic sports oriented driver.

"We have developed a DSC calibration that allows the sports enthusiast driver to enjoy the full benefits of the vehicle's additional performance, while also providing the right level of driver assistance for all drivers."

The calibration also needed to be applicable to city and highway driving, as well as all-wheel-drive excursions.

The DSC calibration was optimised to work in conjunction with the 245kW turbo engine, and the all-wheel-drive system with the 18" wheels and tyres.

The overall driving experience has been further enhanced by the ZF 6 speed automatic transmission first introduced with the SY Territory upgrade in 2005.

The two turbo Territory models feature a unique version of the ZF 6HP26 transmission which has been specially designed for the turbo all-wheel-drive application.

The transmission's internals and torque converter are common with the BF XR6 Turbo and FPV F6, while the transmission casing is common with the SY Territory AWD.

Gear ratios are common to all Territory variants, and the final drive ratio of 3.46:1 is unchanged from SY Territory AWD models.

"This is the first time we've engineered the transmission to match both a turbo engine and an all-wheel-drive application," said Mr Worthington.

Territory Turbo and Ghia Turbo also feature upgraded front brakes, complete with a performance caliper and increased front rotor size (compared with SY Territory) up from 322mm x 28mm to 340mm x 32mm.

This package provides reliable and stable brake performance and improved pedal feel under all braking events.

Both the Territory Turbo and Territory Ghia Turbo are shod with new sports-bred 18" five spoke alloys and new P235/55 R18 tyres. The new tyre has been developed to deliver an optimum balance between grip and comfort.

"Turbo Territory customers will enjoy the high degree of sensible fun factor we have engineered into the vehicle.

"When asked to perform, it can cater to the enthusiast in each of us while still delivering sure-footed car-like ride and handling."



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