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Territory Turbo - A Local Engineering Innovation

The all new turbo Territory models are a Ford Australia engineering innovation - it's no small task mating one of Ford's most popular engines to Australia's most successful Sports Utility Vehicle.

"The turbo Territory project provided us with many challenges, and the end result is a world class vehicle," said Trevor Worthington, Vice President Product Development.

"It was an extensive engineering project that involved a lot more work than simply slotting an engine into a space under the bonnet.

"Our engineers undertook a full development program to ensure the total vehicle outcome based around the iconic turbo engine was optimised."

The development program has resulted in unique engine and transmission calibrations, a unique DSC calibration, unique exhaust system and new 18" alloy wheels and tyres.

Extensive thermal testing and subsequent engine modifications involving heating and cooling performance comprised a large proportion of the testing procedure.

"The DSC calibration has been optimised to work in conjunction with the 245kW turbo engine, and the all-wheel-drive system with the 18" wheels and tyres," added Mr Worthington.

The new Territory Turbo and Territory Ghia Turbo will also incorporate some of the latest hardware developments which featured on the recently launched SY Territory - not least of which is the silky smooth ZF six speed automatic complete with Sequential Sport Shift (SSS).

"Ford's popular 4.0 litre DOHC DIVCT 6 cylinder turbo engine powers this new model, and it was vital we had the very best six speed automatic transmission available to ensure that it maintained a world class pedigree," said Mr Worthington.

"With 245kW and 480Nm available, there was only one transmission we seriously considered - the proven ZF 6HP26."

The two turbo Territory models feature a unique version of the ZF 6HP26 transmission, which has been specially designed for the turbo all-wheel-drive application.

The transmission's internals and torque converter are common with the BF XR6 Turbo and FPV F6, while the transmission casing is common with the SY Territory AWD.

A unique transmission calibration makes optimum use of the turbo engine's power and torque in both on and off road driving conditions. The transmission oil cooler has also been upgraded, maintaining a 2300kg maximum towing capacity *.

Both the Territory Turbo and Territory Ghia Turbo are shod with new sports-bred 18" five spoke alloys and new P235/55 R18 tyres. The new tyre has been engineered to deliver optimum balance between grip and comfort.

The turbo Territory also features upgraded front brakes, complete with a performance caliper and increased rotor size (compared with SY Territory). This provides reliable and stable brake performance, and increased thermal capacity. The revised caliper package offers improved pedal feel and modulation of pedal pressure under all braking events.

Further details of the turbo Territory engineering program will be released closer to launch.

*Based on standard 5 seater models with 5 occupants (@ 68kg) and no luggage, using Genuine Ford heavy duty tow pack with load levelling kit.



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